Martha’s short essay “Unity in Shared Vulnerability” for GTI

“I exist, not become I think, but because I am a part of a web of relationships, even in disconnection, even in solitude, even in isolation” (Martha Van Der Bly, 2021). Martha’s short essay “Unity on Shared Vulnerability” is featured in the new on-line of the Great Transition Initiative ( on global solidarity. You can…

Martha’s doc the ‘The Secret of Salone’ in post

Filmed many years ago in Sierra Leone, the story of The Secret of Salone remains relevant today. Martha is currently developping the story of the documentary through the course “Documentary Filmmaking: Crafting Your Story in Post” of the Sundance Collab.

Martha joins on-line Scene Club ‘Stagemilk’

Martha joined on-line drama club Stagemilk (based in Sydney, L.A. and London). With rigorous acting trainly culminating in a monthly peer-reviewed monologue, this is a really amazing opportunity to further hone her craft and study the human condition from the point of view of an actor. Her monthly monologues so far have included “Cruella” in…

Martha collaborates on short film ‘Until Then’

UNTIL THEN – In loving memory of her beloved friend Jackie Thorburn, Martha shared the story of their friendship and contributed some voice-over work to a beautiful short film called Until Then. Jackie, a free spirit, doting mother and lover of the arts, passed away unexpectedly and much too young. For ever in our hearts….

Loving the planet! Martha in eco-action in the Serra da Estrela

Yes to the planet! No to litter! Something funny happened. Martha took part in an eco-cleanup, removing litter from the area around the Torre in the Serra da Estrela, at 2000m the highest point of Portugal. The action was featured on Portugese TV… and Martha was interviewed why she as a tourist (or more factual:…