Filming in Amsterdam

October 2017 – sees Martha and the team of Eva’s Mission filming Eva Schloss in Amsterdam exploring the places of Eva’s traumatic past. Here feature the location of the former prison. With cameraman Adri Schrover. Picture Eva Bakkum.¬†

Producing in Portugal

August 2017 – Martha travels to Portugal to work as a digital nomad on several grants that will fund the next shoot of Eva’s Mission. The approach is successful: we win the prestigious grant from the Amsterdam Art Council. Thank you AFK. Martha pictured with a head full of dreams in Beja, Portugal Picture credit:…

Speech & Screening Trailer

June 2018 – We screened the short trailer of Eva’s Mission and Martha delivered the Introduction to the Freedom Lecture of Eva Schloss. In an arthouse cinema, we showed Eva’s Mission’s trailer¬† on the big screen for a packed venue eliciting much applause. A great kick off! In her Introduction¬† Speech Martha reminded the audience…

Lecture at USC, USA

March 2017 – Martha gives a lecture for the Department of Film and Media Studies at the University of South Carolina, USA. In the lecture titled: “Documenting the Holocaust in a Transitional Context: From Living Memory to History – Against the Backdrop of an Erosion of the Post-War World Order” Martha discusses the making of…

Filming in South Carolina, USA

February 2017 – Martha is for Eva’s Mission in South Carolina, USA to film Eva on her USA-tour including visits to Charleston and Columbia for the ‘President’s Leadership Dialogue featuring Eva Schloss‘ at the University of South Carolina. Eva is on her mission and so are we!

Filming in Erfurt, Germany

February 2017 – sees Martha filming for Eva’s Mission in Erfurt, Germany with Eva Schloss and Elisabeth Ravasion. Cameraman is Nikita Pavlov.