Oct 2019 – 75 years hidden, now published globally: the poems and paintings of Heinz Geiringer: ‘Gepeins in het Donker | Pondering in the Dark|Grübeln im Dunkeln” is out now!.

Martha is vert proud that her first publication as a publisher is a beautiful book of moving poetry and mesmerizing paintings by Heinz Geiringer (Vienna, 1926- Ebensee, 1945), the beloved and very talented brother of Eva Schloss. Idea, project management and introduction by Martha and published by her company, Rose Rebel Publications.

Over the last months Martha has been secretly working on a suprrise on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Eva Schloss: the publication of the poems and the paintings of her beloved brother Heinz.

Finally, after being hidden for 75 years, the poems written in hiding are now published in three languages: Dutch (the original) and translated in German by Miriam van Santen and in English by Sheila Gogol.

Thanks to support of many organizations, including the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank Trust in London and the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Understanding in New York as well as the Resistance Museum Amsterdam and the South Africa Holocaust Council and the National Holocaust Museum in the UK. With a preface by Eva’s daughter, Jacky Schloss and a 3000 word Introduction exploring the life and the themes of the work of Heinz Geiringer by Martha Van Der Bly. Eva had no idea, and was both suprised and very moved saying it was the best birthday present she has ever had! The book also includes the beautiful oil paintings of Heinz.

‘Pondering in the Dark’ can be ordered on www.evasmission.com or www.roserebel.com €29,99. 196 pages, 430 grams, 16 colour pages. Hard cover. Art book. http://www.evasmission.com or http://www.roserebel.com

Should you wish to include the translated poems for educational purposes or otherwise, you are more then welcome to do so! Please email Rose Rebel Publications on: info@roserebel.com. We aim to disperse the beautiful and moving work of Heinz Geiringer as much as possible. Never again!

Contact: info@roserebel.com.

‘Pondering in the Dark’ in on-line available on www.evasmission.com.