Nov 2019 – Martha combines acting, filmmaking and critical academic thinking, viewing these different forms of creative and intellectual expressions as rooted in the same quest: exploring the truth of the human condition.

During her PhD. at Trinity College and shortly after that Martha wrote several academic articles on the subject of globalization and cultural identity, with an emphasis on theory building. Her thesis has unfortunately not yet been published.

But her academic articles are still relevant today! It turns out that one of her articles is now included amongst just 14 other top scholars on globalization in the Wikipedia main entry on ‘globalization’ under ‘Further Reading’.

Lecture by Dr. Martha C.E. Van Der Bly: “Documenting the Holocaust in a Transitional Context: From Living Memory to History – Against the Backdrop of an Erosion of the Post-War World Order . College of Education. Office of International and Comparative Education. School of Visual Art and Design – University of South Carolina. Photo credit: Aaron Peterer