June 2019 – Exciting times…!After months of fundraising by Martha to make the tri-lingual publication of the poems of Heinz Geiringer, the brother of Eva Schloss, more than 75 years after they were written, a fact, June sees the project greenlit: go!

This means a long-held dream coming true. When Eva Schloss first gave Martha a self-published book of poems of Heinz Geiringer, Martha was so impressed that she wanted to one day publish the poems in a wonderful, global edition and translated in English.

This will now happen! With support of all Anne Frank organizations, finally what was hidden for so long, will now be accessible world-wide… Thanks to the generous support of the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, the Anne Frank Trust in London, the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Centre for Mutual Understanding in New York and with the very helpful collaboration of the Resistance Museum in Amsterdam, we will start the work on a 196p ART book, printed by Wilco Art Books in The Netherlands… stay tuned…

Eva Schloss and Heinz Geringer, Merwedeplein, Amsterdam 1942.
The last picture before they went into hiding on 6 July 1942.
Martha reading Heinz’ poems in the Amsterdam Lyceum