Dec 2019 – Martha’s philosophical article ‘The Pananthropoi- Towards a Society of All-Humanity’ is a theoretical exploration of the idea of a world society and a bold cosmopolitan imagination.

Martha wrote The Pananthropoi in Spring 2006, shortly before her VIVA at Trinity College Dublin. Martha published The Pananthropoi finally in 2013. Immediately after publication ‘The Pananthropoi’ was hailed a ‘path-breaking article’ by the late eminent thinker and global historian Prof. Bruce Mazlish of the world’s top university, M.I.T.

You can now read The Pananthropoi article here:

Some of Martha’s ideas and theories explored in The Pananthropoi are also explored in her film Eva’s Mission – on the subject of the Holocaust and the horrific lessons the Holocaust teaches us.

Martha aims to make a contribution to the – sociological – future of our world as a female thinker, while exploring pathways to a safe world and a peaceful future for humanity.

The future is female.

(c) Martha Van Der Bly