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– ‘Surprise!’ – TV Commercial

Forum Bank by  Ogilvy & Mather – Directed by Mikko Lehtinen. Shortlisted for Cannes Film Lions.

– ‘Zlatka’ – Film for Granta

The Magazine of  New Writing – Directed by Em Cooper.


“You were absolutely awesome. I’m really and truly very impressed with your performance in this. There was some challenging stuff, and it has all come out really natural and great.  I also really enjoyed working with you – you were a pleasure to direct – picking up on all the nuances of the part, and really bringing it alive. The footage looks brilliant. I love to work with you again.”

(Em Cooper, Director ‘Zlatka’ for Granta Magazine)

Working with Martha was great. She came in to the casting in character and stayed in it during the whole process. In the shoot I thought she was a bit weird – distant and cold – but also so damn perfect for the role. Only later I learned that she had been in character at all times – she’s warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Now that’s dedication. And that’s what you’d want from the whole crew.”

(Mikko Lehtinen, Director ‘Surprise!’ Commercial. Shortlisted for the Cannes Lions)

” You created the very soul of Electra and brought a magic to the piece that I cannot describe. I hope I have the privilege to work with you again”

(Sarah-Jane Shiels, Director “Electra”, Players Theatre, Trinity College Dublin)