Rose Rebel Productions Ltd. is a social enterprise, a film & multimedia production company committed to promoting an idea of  common humanity through the visual arts, film and photography.

Rose Rebel Productions is born out of my two passions: acting & sociology.

After studying globalisation and culture for my PhD. , I realized that we will face an era of the coming together of humankind into one society. In a theoretical article,  I called this all-inclusive society ‘The Pananthropoi’ (‘All-Humanity’) in analogy with the Pangea (All-Earth), the original super-continent.

However, this movement towards common humanity will inevitably give rise to opposing tendencies: division and withdrawal into national identities.

I chose to make art and film about subject that voice a sense of unity and common humanity.


I have always been interesting in crossing borders, of disciplines, of science, art, but also literally. I love to travel and have lived in Dublin, New York, London and my hometown, Amsterdam and the city where I was born, Groningen.

I obtained a cum laude MA in sociology from the University of Groningen. I  hold a PhD. in sociology from Trinity College Dublin. My research has won several prizes including the Boekman Award, Prince Bernhard Award, Full Scholarship of the Royal Irish Academy and the WSF-Prize awarded by the World Society Foundation of the University of Zurich.

The full text of my article ‘Pananthropoi – Towards a Society of All Humanity‘ in the Globality Studies Journal can be found here: Pananthropoi – Van Der Bly (2013).




Rose Rebel Production is currently producing the feature film ‘EVA’S MISSION’, the first feature film about Eva Schloss, one of the last Auschwitz-survivors and stepdaughter to Otto Frank, fighting xenophobia in todays society.

Eva's Mission © Martha Van Der Bly is registered as Film Format with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property in an I-Depot on 21 September 2014 under number 058613. All copyrights reserved. Not one aspect of this proposal, including idea, concept, story line, research or pictures may be reproduced without written permission of the author. Do not reproduce in any form without written permission of the author. © Rose Rebel Productions 2016"
I Kiss The World’ is a visual arts multi-media project that visually explores my concept of the ‘fluidities of identity’ in the global city and is a collaboration with West-End photographer Simon Annand ( The photo exhibition premiered in Amsterdam in May 2014 and ran for four month in the Photogallery in the Central Hall of the OBA (Amsterdam Library).
The Secret of Salone’, is a 90min documentary film about the sociology of peaceful religious social integration. Halfway production.

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