Light Behind Bars

October 2015 – sees Martha performing with the Conway Collective for ‘Light behind Bars’ in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square London. The performance throws light on those many prisoners around the world who are locked up today because of their thoughts, writings, art, and politics.  And Martha participates in a workshop with  the Brighton Players from Port…


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Yoga & Ibiza

Winter 2014 / 15 – sees Martha spending almost two months on Ibiza of which four weeks volunteering in a Yoga Retreat. Like acting, yoga is all about living in the present. A journey deep into the soul. A search for truth within. What a great and life-changing experience. –     –


Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with the people of Sierra Leone as they are fighting the devastating effects of Ebola. Please help and donate to Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF), to (shared initiative to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia), (taking care of the orphaned children in Sierra Leone), or…


Aug 2014 – The ‘iKISSTHEWORLD’-expo – an unique and innovative combination of acting, photography and visual sociology exploring the theme of globalisation and identity in an urban context –  in the main hall of the Central Library Amsterdam as part of the Grid Photo Biennial, ends on 2 sept. Wow! What a journey it was….