3 October 2019 – Finally, the secret is out! For many, many months Martha worked with many, many people on a surprise present for the 90th birthday of Eva Schloss, namely a beautiful tri-lingual publication of poems and paintings of her brother Heinz Geiringer (1926- 1929), written and painted while in hiding in Soestdijk (6 July 1942 – 9 May 1944). 

Only now, after 75 years the poems have been published internationally – on the occassion of Eva’s 90th birthday. 

The poems are beautiful, very sensitive and philisophical.The paintings shows a real talent and to complete the book, we have included the original handwritten poems and photo’s from Vienna and Brussels that Eva and her mother found in their appartment on the Merwedeplein. 

We had a book launch in the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St Johns Wood. Eva did not expect anything, and it was a complete surprise! Eva said that it was the most beautiful birthday present that she ever got…

Martha would like to express her deep gratitude to the sponsors: Anne Frank Fonds (AFF) Basel, Anne Frank House, Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, The Anne Frank Trust UK, the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam and Het Amsterdams Lyceum.

The trilingual edition ‘Pondering in the Dark’ is now available on or 196 pages, 16 full colour, twenty black and white pictures. 29.99€

This is the press release as published in the Crescas Newsletter (in Dutch).

(c) Martha van Der Bly
(c) Martha van Der Bly