Eva’s Mission on NPO/ Radio 1

Nov 2016 – NPO / Radio Een Vandaag features an interview with Martha about the making of ‘Eva’s Mission’ on 11 november at 15.00. Tune in! http://www.nporadio1.nl/radio-eenvandaag/onderwerpen/382485-actrice-maakt-film-over-auschwitz-overlevende  

Cinecrowd Campaign ‘Eva’s Mission’ 15 october – 22 november

0ct / nov 2016 – Martha’s producion company, Rose Rebel Productions is very excited to  producing the 90 min film ‘Eva’s Mission’, thevery  first feature-length film about Eva Schloss, Auschwitz survivor, stepdaughter of Otto Frank and tireless fighter against xenophobia and for tolerance and common humanity. Eva has been an inspiration to so many people…


Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with the people of Sierra Leone as they are fighting the devastating effects of Ebola. Please help and donate to Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) www.msf.org, to www.unite4westafrica.org (shared initiative to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia), www.street-child.co.uk (taking care of the orphaned children in Sierra Leone), or…

‘To Belong’ in Hackney Wicked Cinema Lounge

July 2014 – The experimental short ‘To Belong or Sobre Pertencer’, directed by Lara Jacoski and Cassiana Maranha will be screened as part of the Hackney Wicked Cinema Lounge and was already screened at the Sankofa! festival between 24-26 July, also in London. ‘To Belong’ can be seen on-line at: https://vimeo.com/100696580     – –

Oh, ‘To Belong’! (& sobre o pertencer)

April 2014 – In Brasil, the experimental short about belonging and identity, ‘To Belong & Sobre o Pertencer’, that Martha filmed in London, premieres in the Cinemateca de Curitiba, Rue Carlos Cavalcant, 1174 80510-040 Curitiba, Brasil. Watch the beautiful trailer here: Trailer ‘To Belong’. And the website is here: Website ‘To Belong’ “To Belong & Sobre o…