Oh, ‘To Belong’! (& sobre o pertencer)

April 2014 – In Brasil, the experimental short about belonging and identity, ‘To Belong & Sobre o Pertencer’, that Martha filmed in London, premieres in the Cinemateca de Curitiba, Rue Carlos Cavalcant, 1174 80510-040 Curitiba, Brasil.

Watch the beautiful trailer here: Trailer ‘To Belong’. And the website is here: Website ‘To Belong’

“To Belong & Sobre o Pertencer” is an independent experimental short film of the directors Cassiana Maranha and Lara Jacoski.The project was born from the needs of the directors to express themselves about the process of self-knowledge and their discoveries of new paths of life that sometimes happens to be so far away from home. Lara has lived for two years in England and Cassiana a year in France, both met again after years and reunited trough the conclusion to be feeling the same process to be discovering the inner and outer self and the world one more time. The experimental short features actors and collaborators from different parts of the world, thus creating a collective unit on the reflection of these internal conflicts, fears and absences that arise in the relentless pursuit of seeking to belong somewhere, to something.

Um filme de / A film by/ Un film de

Cassiana Maranha e Lara Jacoski

Produzido em / Produced in / Produite en

Londres (UK), Toulouse (FR) & Curitiba (BR).

Finalizado em / Finished in / Terminé en
Curitiba & Belo Horizonte (BR)

Elenco / Cast / Avec
Martha Van Der Bly (Holanda / Holand / Hollande)
Hadrien Cantau (França / France)
Paola de Ramos (Brasil / Brésil )
Gregory Chastang (Inglaterra / England / Anglaterre)
Lara Jacoski & Larissa Figueiredo (Brasil / Brésil)
Cassiana Maranha (Brasil / Brésil)
Moataz Elmghraby (Egito / Egypt / Égypte)
Juliana Roumbedakis (Brasil / Brésil)