Me & Sandy at the waterfallOur thoughts, hearts and prayers are with the people of Sierra Leone as they are fighting the devastating effects of Ebola. Please help and donate to Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) www.msf.org, to www.unite4westafrica.org (shared initiative to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia), www.street-child.co.uk (taking care of the orphaned children in Sierra Leone), or www.kickebola.org (Dutch charity fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone).

We will keep working on the footage that we’ve already shot in Sierra Leone for ‘The Secret of Salone’ (www.sos-thefilm.com), giving a voice to the voiceless and to help spread the message of all who we met in Sierra Leone and who shared their stories so generously with us. Please keep Sierra Leone in your thoughts and prayers during these very difficult times.